walking the walk of healthful habits

It’s easy to tell people how to make healthful choices a habit.  Doing it is a completely different story but I am only as strong as my excuses.  Right now my biggest challenge isn’t eating clean, it’s getting my butt out of bed in the morning to move for 30 minutes while my kids get ready for school.  30 minutes -that’s all. Doesn’t sound that difficult does it?  I mean I have to get up and get them up so it should be a no brainer to take advantage of that time to use one of the myriad of fitness videos in my collection. I have everything yoga belly dancing, P90X, Zumba, Slim in 6, the S factor, barre, and even a subscription to fitness blender with daily fun short workouts so I can never be bored.  I own weights, a yoga mat and an exercise ball.  Before I go to bed I get everything ready to go so I can jump out of bed and get it done, knowing how good I will feel after.  The theory is great – reality not so much.  Man do I hate getting out of my warm comfy bed.  Day 3 and I have done it for 3 days.  I feel accomplished and like the ache that reminds me I did something to get stronger and healthier.  Does anyone else get to day 3 and expect to see the results in the mirror that they are already feeling inside?  Silly I know but I feel the shift and wouldn’t it be so much easier to keep going if the efforts showed faster?  Can’t I have the body I’m working for right now as long as I agree to keep up my healthful habits?  Instant gratification girl – yup that’s me.  Meanwhile, all the water I’ve been drinking has kicked in so off I go.  Here’s to another day of loving ourselves enough to take care of us.


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