Moving in the right direction

Week 1 is done and I’m pretty proud of myself! No, I can’t tell you how much weight I lost because I’m not getting the scale. It doesn’t tell me how much stronger I am or how the internal landscape is changing and if I do I will obsess over that number as if it defines my value causing me to lose sight of my real goal of getting healthy not just weighing less.  I remember going to Weight Watchers and weighing in only to have the scale not budge despite the fact that my clothes were looser and I could walk further faster. Hearing them say “we love you anyway” was infuriating to me.  Anyway? Gee thanks so glad you love me anyway.  What I can tell you is that I moved my body and broke a sweat 5 out 7 days this week and I didn’t hate it (once I got moving).  Hopefully it will get easier to get started.   I also successfully stayed within my target calorie range, keeping to the average macro nutrient ratio I was aiming for, and had some really yummy meals.  The best part is that I did all of this while going out to dinner one night and being at a dance competition for my youngest daughter this weekend.  I admit I did have some wine and chocolate but I took the time to thoroughly enjoyed them instead of mindlessly devouring them like I used.  I’m not perfect and don’t plan on being perfect but do plan on moving closer to health each day.  My biggest challenge this week was going out to dinner and the dance competition. Preparation is key and I had a game plan for both ahead of time.  Knowing the menu of the restaurant is key to preparing myself mentally.  I went to a cute little pub that had great pub food with very few healthful options but amazing desserts. Focusing on the veggies with some protein was my best way to not sabotage my progress.   Packing my food for the competition was the only way to go or I would have resorted to munching on the candy, donuts and chips that are always available at these things.   Why they have such crap food backstage is beyond me.  It’s also quite annoying to see some of the teachers and older dancers with amazing bodies eating everything I got fat on and would love to inhale. Why do they look like swimsuit models and eat junk?  That being said let’s focus on the positives.  Kale soup made with fresh chicken sausage, veggie broth and sweet potatoes was my favorite recipe this week.  My girls weren’t excited at first but ended up having seconds because it was so good!  My oldest joined in the meal planning with me and found some great healthful recipe ideas that she was interested in online.  She even came food shopping with me and chose some better snack options for herself – not looking at calories but looking at ingredients.  She’s almost 15 and is definitely aware of her weight and looking good in her clothes.  Leading by example gives me a really good feeling.


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