The power of an amazing girlfriend

I’m not going to bitch about my state of being today.  Instead I am going to share about something good.  I am the luckiest woman in the world. Why? Because I have such amazing sisters and girlfriends that have been there to support, encourage and love me through joy, tears, heartache and selfdoubt.  I feel moved to talk about one such incredibly woman.  Anne and I met when I started my business about 10 years ago.  We met and it was more like we recognized each other’s souls than meeting a new friend.  She has been there to listen, give advice without judging, be the kind voice in my head to push out the negative self talk.  Full of wisdom and gentle words, I admire how she lives an authentic life.  Very few people walk their talk. She does and I aspire to have such integrity.  Her life isn’t full of stuff and nonsense. She isn’t on social media and doesn’t waste time watching tv.  Anne reads voraciously, keeps a tidy and warm home and cooks simple and delicious meals.  Maybe it’s her upbringing in Finland that makes it so she’s impervious to be Americanized.  Maybe it’s her ability to see what’s important and not get lost in the minutia.  What ever “it” is makes her an intelligent, warm, kind, generous, honest, beautiful woman that I am so blessed to call my friend.  She is my shelter in a storm, a voice of reason when my mind goes in crazy circles, my cheerleader when I am unsure of going toward my goals.  She got me to think about food as nutrition not just as tasting good, about the chemicals that I was putting on and in my body and to think if I really liked how I was spending my time and living my life.  Before I met Anne I was going through life on auto pilot. With much patience and encouragement, she has helped me learn to live with intention.  The most impressive thing about that process is that she never gave unwanted advice or lectured.  She simply was there with a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen, a hand to hold, honest responses and a hot cup of tea.  Thank you doesn’t begin express the gratitude I have for this woman coming into my life.


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